Red Angus

Our new breed addition.

In trying to expand our grass-genetic beef cattle herd, we decided that the Red Angus breed would be the best fit.  We feel that the Reds will bring their quiet efficiency, mothering ability, and proven carcass quality to our operation.  Red Angus are a low maintenance animal that can perform on grass with few outside inputs, and they fit well with Murray Grey cattle.

Classic Murray Greys

Breeding high volume, genetically tender grass efficient cattle.

  They are known for their moderate frames, early maturity, grass efficiency, docility, and superior carcass traits.  Most notably are their very high tenderness and marbling scores determined through genetic-DNA testing.  Very few cattle in the world test as consistently high for tenderness as Murray Grey cattle.  The cow pictured at left tested a perfect 10 on Igenity's DNA test!  The heifer calf next to her was is also a 10 and is sired by the outstanding bull, Olympia's Pelion!