• Cover Crop & Grazing Consulting
    • ​​Answers and advice for all of your grazing and cover-cropping questions and needs.
    • Consultations for cover crop plans and implementation.
      •  Rate based on per hour or per acre
    • Training and presentations for farmer-led groups, watershed groups, conservation groups, and businesses interested in sustainable farming practices.
      • Rate based on per day


  • Prescriptive Grazing
    • Natural land clearing by using hair sheep and goats to intensively graze sections of land.
    • Rate based on acres and amount of forage available.


  • Cover Crop, Corn, & Forage Seed
    • Seed, including organic
      • Silage Corn
        • Master's Choice Seed
        • Prairie Creek Seed
      • Forage & Cover Crop 
        • Prairie Creek Seed
        • Select home-grown cover crop mixes


  • Fencing Supplies
    • We have many fencing supplies for sale, including pvc posts, hi-tensile wire and accessories, and poly-wire and accessories.
      • ​​Timeless Fence System​


Current Services Offered

  • Do you want to know why cover crops work?
  • Do you want to know how to implement cover crops?
  • How can cover crops be used as dairy cow quality feed in a milking cow diet?
  • Are you looking to preserve your topsoil and build organic matter at the same time?
  • Are you interested in water infiltration in your fields?
  • Do you have problems with pests or diseases?
  • Are you interested in interseeding into corn?
  • How do you plant different cover crop species or mixes?
  • Want to know how to increase profitability, increase margins, and decrease inputs?

These are just a few questions that we can answer for you.  Contact us today to schedule a customized consultation.