About Lasch Livestock & Land Solutions

Adam, Betsy, Boone, & Rhett Lasch

Lasch Livestock is a pasture based, regenerative agriculture operation located in southeast Wisconsin, between beautiful Lake Geneva and Elkhorn.  Comprised of both owned and rented land, our operation strives to be the best possible stewards of our land by utilizing rotational high stock density grazing, complementary grazing of several livestock species, and practicing no-till and rotational cropping,  all with a goal of making the land more productive while working within the confines of natural and ecological processes.  We take care of our land in order to preserve it for future generations, by focusing on the triads of husbandry - soil, plant, and animal.

Both of us grew up on farms.  Betsy on a working dairy and crop farm, and Adam on a smaller type hobby farm.  We grew up with an appreciation for hard work and a respect for our animals and land.

Our Lasch Livestock farm business began in 2011, and has grown from solely a stocker operation and small commercial cow herd, to now include chickens, sheep, stocker cattle, registered Murray Grey and commercial cattle, and dairy cattle.  We focus on raising our animals on pasture with minimal outside inputs, and instead, rely on our animals' own ability to be easy care, low maintenance, fertile individuals who can perform the way nature intended.

Lasch Land Solutions is our consulting business that focuses on improving land through education from the farmer to the consumer.  We provide detailed plans and strategies for cover crop implementation, grazing services, as well as, consultations for land owners, farmers, Co-ops, watershed groups, and conservation groups, among others.  Through education, we can help your business or land investment group implement sustainable farming practices.